Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Heat is On

My dad was here for four days, and I got a chance to spend a weekend with him. We were very fortunate that the weather had finally heated up and it was supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Not wanting to waste any time, we hit up the palace area, then checked out the stream, and finished Saturday with a ride up Namsan Tower. On Sunday, we went somewhere I'd always wanted to go but hadn't yet had the chance:

The main World Cup Stadium in Seoul. In 2002, South Korea and Japan co-hosted the World Cups, with 10 stadiums built in each country. We were hoping we'd get a chance to peek inside, but when we got there it appeared that you could only see the World Cup museum. Then, we realized that the stadium was part of the museum tour. It was amazing, they let you go pretty much everywhere except on the field (although, we did stick our toes onto it while the security guard was asleep).

After the World Cup Stadium, we went back to that temple across from the Coex Mall to check out the lanterns. Buddha's birthday is coming up soon (I still don't know what to get him) and there are lanterns everywhere commemorating it.

Happy early birthday, Buddha!

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