Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

I realize I'm about 2 weeks behind on my blogging plus I skipped a really exciting weekend that took place about a month ago. So first that and then a bit on some upcoming things.

About a month or so ago, Jon, me, and a bunch of people from our training group went on an Adventure Korea trip. It was a caving and ferrying expedition, and I proudly told people I was to spelunk though that turned out to be a major overstatement. Overall, it was nice to get out of the Seoul area and into the countryside, but it kinda sucked that I had to spend about 5 hours on a bus and then 2 hours on a ferry in order to get there. We had to leave the apartment at around 6:30 AM to get to the Seoul bus terminal at 7:30. There, we got in one of the two buses that were going on the trip.

The actual caving part of the trip took about an hour and was actually more like walking along a well-lit, paved path with photographers set up at convenient stops along the way than any sort of exploratory adventure. It was pretty cool nonetheless as I had never been in a cave before. Afterward we went to some special 3-rock island place* and then went up a bunch of stairs to this pagoda. It was very pretty. The Adventure Korea people all got together to do a group picture, which Jon and I fiendishly managed to avoid.

The last few weekends have been very casual with a lot of Rock Band and Scrabble going on indoors. While the weather has finally warmed up a bit, we have unfortunately been doomed with rain. I'm really hoping to go hiking next weekend though.

And this week is the last week of the term! Yay! I'm actually going to miss my students, I didn't really have any bad classes this time around. Tomorrow I should get my new schedule. *Here's hoping for less work*

 *See, if I have written this earlier I could have told you what it was called and where we were. As it stands now, I have no clue.

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