Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Curdled Cream

In honor of the day where everyone pretends to be Irish by drinking a stout and wearing green, I decided to make some Guinness chocolate pudding with a Guinness whipped cream. The pudding part of it came out pretty well but the whipped cream turned into a bit of a debacle. After whipping cream by hand for about 15 minutes, Jon finally found the soft peaks he was looking for, so I added the Guinness "syrup" I had been cooking on the stove. Well, it turns out cream curdles when in contact with hot liquid and the whipped cream turned into something that looked more like dark cottage cheese, thus we had to trash it. But the pudding wasn't bad at all.

On Saturday, Jon and I met up with our friends from training at Dongdaemun Market, an enormous shopping area north of Seoul. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures (in fact, one of the stall owners wouldn't let me take a picture of an awesome San Jose sharks t-shirt she was selling), but I'll probably head back up there soon. There are dozens of multi-story shopping malls, each story featuring hundreds of small stalls each with a different owner. They had everything you could think of, clothes-wise, and apparently even had entire shopping malls devoted to sports equipment. We didn't spend long there because we had St. Patrick's Day festivities to get to, but decided it was probably worth a second trip.

For St. Patty's Day, Itaewon held a festival so the foreigners were out en masse (as were MPs, just in case they got too rowdy). We grabbed some Mexican for dinner and then went to a rugby pub for a bit. We finished the evening at a club.

A small group of us hit up Butterfinger Pancakes bright and early Sunday morning, and then, excited about the prospect of staying awake for an entire day (including a morning, an afternoon, and an evening), something we hadn't done in months, we decided to head north of Seoul where a number of palaces reside.

There are five palaces, but Jon and I only visited the biggest, Gyeongbokgung.

Actually, while we were waiting in line to buy tickets to enter the palace, we were approached by EBS, an educational TV channel in Korea. They asked if they could interview Jon and me for their English show. Jon answered a question about home renovations and I talked about what I did when I felt stressed. The woman who interviewed us said she'd send us a video of our interviews later. Now, I know what you're thinking, but when we got back I wikipedia'd EBS and it's totally legit.

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