Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cold Spell

[Quick recap of last weekend: We went to Costco to get some good old-fashioned American sundries (and a Costco card). Among our spoils included a huge block of cheese (2lbs of it), a large apple pie, a rotisserie chicken, and granola.]

After a few days of nice springtime weather, it appears the cold is back. It snowed a few inches yesterday, and while snow is pretty and soft and what I imagine clouds feel like if they were solid, I'm over it. According to the New England-ers and East Coast-ers who know about this thing called "the seasons," March is a fickle mistress, so I guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks before I can expect warmth and sunshine on a regular basis.

The term is trucking along now and I'm proud to say I've remembered almost all of my student's names so far. They seem to be a pretty good bunch overall, although I already had to send one to the FM's office (like the principal's office). She is a middle school student (in Korea that means about 16 years old) in my high-level reading class who strolled in late to both of the first two classes and was always late after breaks. While the class was reading or answering questions, she would be drawing in her book. If I asked her a question she would either ignore me or shake her head. She also put make-up on in class right in front of me. Now, normally it wouldn't bother me so much but it's a very tough class and all of the other students are highly motivated and very smart, so she was really slowing things down for everyone. Basically I snapped and said that if she didn't want to participate in class she could leave, which she did without fuss. Then I was concerned she would literally leave (we're not allowed to let the students leave early; liability and all that) so I escorted her to the FM's office.

So that sucked a little bit, but after seeing how harsh I was to the girl, the rest of the students were perfect angels.

In more exciting news, today is pay day which means money and Mexican food! And apparently they're opening a Taco Bell (I know, what does that have to do with Mexican food?) somewhere in Gangnam.

This weekend I believe Jon and I will be heading back to the Board Game Cafe for a re-match, and then on Sunday my writing group is meeting up again.

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