Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suwon, etc.

Man, I've been busy (working) and (too) lazy (to write) lately. Teaching is going well. I now have my own classes and my students have gotten used to me so things are going more smoothly. I even have my own classroom, which I will take pictures of at some point.

So the snow continued to fall over the last couple of weeks, but finally abated and began to melt yesterday. I also noticed a peculiarity at the park as I was walking through it: there is outdoor public exercise equipment. Why anyone would want to lift weights in the snow is beyond me.

I've tried out a few local food places, my favorite of which is called Pizza School. They have $5 pizzas with some very cool toppings. Jon and I got the barbecue rib pizza, a typically Korean invention that merges the two best things about their culture: food and efficiency. As you can see, they just bake the ribs right onto the pizza so that you can eat both at once.
Next we want to try this amazing "German" one which appears to have tiny cheese rolls for crust.

In un-food-related news, a large group of us from training met up in Suwon (about half an hour south of Anyang City) where Quinn, Alisa and Alex are living. We visited the Hwaesong fortress. I forgot my camera. Fortunately, six of the eight of us did bring cameras and there are plenty of pictures to steal from Facebook. Here's one I particularly enjoyed, compliments of La Toya, I believe.

Up next, we head back to Itaewon to visit the international grocery, Mexican restaurant, perhaps a place that serves pie, and maybe even a pub or two. Oh, and I may be trying out for a bowling team. Results to come.


  1. Alex, Quinn and I got one of those fancy crust pizza, thinking it was made from cheese rolls. They were actually filled with sweet potato! Very tasty, but a little too strange when mixed with the pizza.

  2. Braving the snow in Converse, huh? That rib pizza looks odd (and strangely delicious), but the German one should definitely be made of beer. Beer crust, maybe. That would be awesome!

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't understand why no one has commented on the BOWLING TEAM part yet. Come on people, Bowling + Sonali?!?! Comedy gold!

    Also, Mexican food in Korea? I didn't know the Koreans were fond of my people.

  4. Also, I demand more pictures.

  5. Haha, yes we got that German pizza and the sweet potato was a strange, though not unwelcome surprise.

    And Hazy, there is Mexican food in Korea! Thank the Heavens!