Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day and my Second Week

We had some serious snowfall, about 11 inches, which was apparently the most snow in South Korea since they started recording snowfall in the 1930s. It also meant that we got the day off! Yay! BUT...we have to make up those classes on Sunday. Boo! But then my Wednesday afternoon class was canceled because the two students that were in that class switched to different classes! Yay! The best thing? I still get paid for that class because I'm guaranteed a certain number of hours per week.

My second week didn't go quite as well as I was hoping. I figured it would get easier with experience, but each class is different and I didn't teach any of the same classes I taught last week. I taught test-prep and Bridge last week, and this week I taught MG, Birdie, and a ton of Albatross classes. The only thing I haven't taught as yet is the level I was trained in, Eagle.

I actually had one really bad class this week. It was an Albatross class with four guys and a new girl. They didn't do their work or answer my questions and about halfway through the class they just ignored me altogether. I didn't blame the girl as much since she was new and didn't know the protocol, but the five of them made a 3-hour class feel like a 10-hour torture session.

In brighter news, my co-teachers are very friendly and nice. Most of them live in my building or in buildings nearby. I also found out that two of the other trainees from my group, La Toya and Chris, will also be at my branch. So of the five of us that were at the love hotel, three of us will be together.

Oh, and I'm officially here legally! My alien registration card finally came through. This means I can get a cell phone and be connected with the world again!


  1. It's so pretty! Cold, but pretty. Good luck with the rest of your classes! I'm sure you'll whip 'em into shape eventually.

  2. Yeah talk about cold. It's 7 degrees right now. -_-