Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More kebabs, pie, an Australian breakie and Tim Tam slamming!

A weekend of food! Jon and I decided to go back to Itaewon to continue our search for pie and other things that are delicious. We stopped in a different kebab shop (or kebaberie, if you like), called Mr. Kebab, which is right next to the subway station (we were pretty hungry, didn't want to walk any further). Personally, I thought it it was better than Petra, and it came with a bunch of yummy sauces.

Next we went back to the international grocery store where I picked up some nutella, and then we both got chocolate bars. Clearly we had dessert on the brain. We wandered around Itaewon a little bit more and went up this hill which led to a very narrow street with cute bars and restaurants on it. You'd never even know they were there. We spotted an Aussi bar which had a comprehensive menu of delicious-sounding fried meals like fish and chips, a good English breakie, etc as well as a selection of beers, and, get this, Cadbury's and Tim Tam chocolate bars. Sweeeeeet! I've been looking everywhere for Cadbury's chocolates and all I could find was the inferior Hershey*. And Tim Tams? Awesome! We made a mental note to come back later, and then headed out for that elusive pie shop, Tartine.

Apparently, yesterday Chef Garrett of Tartine commented on my post about how we hadn't been able to make it to Tartine two weekends ago. I don't know if it's really Chef Garrett and if it is I really don't know how he found my blog, but if it is him then he can rest assured that we did make it to Tartine last weekend and it was all it was cracked up to be. Check it out:

Tartine is buried away in an alley off the main road of Itaewon but it is instantly recognizable. First, there is the adorable pie sign (sorry, no pic) and second, there is the long line of people waiting to get in. It is very small and cozy inside, and features beret-ed (that is, they were wearing berets) waiter and waitresses, cutesy French country decor, and dozens of Korean couples (more about K-couples later). Unfortunately we didn't have reservations so we had to get our pies to go. I got the strawberry rhubarb and Jon went for apple. 

On our way out, we saw this:

Pies in hand, we planned to head back to Anyang but for some reason our sweet teeth had yet to be quenched (sorry, not sure if that idiom works). We stopped in at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to pick up some cheesecake and then headed home, pies and cheesecake in tow.

We went home, ate our pies, and then went over to the apartment of two coworkers of mine, Gary and Lisa, to play some games, eat some pizza, and drink some wine. 

If you thought we were fooded out from Saturday you were sorely mistaken, my friend. Because on Sunday we decided to go back to Itaewon to try out the Aussie bar and bistro. What an adorable little place! Owned and operated by Tony, an Australian fellow, and I think his wife, it's a tiny but very nicely decorated place with homemade Australian (well, if you ask me, English) food. According to Tony they make everything from scratch, including the hashbrowns, which were delicious. Before we left, we made sure to buy some Tim Tams (I got the original, Jon got the "crazy" caramel) and Tony told us how to Tim Tam Slam! (I feel like there should always be an exclamation mark at the end of Tim Tam Slam!) Then we went home and had cheesecake and Tim Tams and Jon tried to Twix Slam but it didn't work out too well.

*Hershey is OK, I just like insulting it because Jon is from Pennsylvania and it's like a weird pride thing with Pennsylvanians. Speaking of Pennsylvania, that groundhog apparently saw his shadow today so we're supposed to have 6 more weeks of winter. Boo.


  1. Greetings;

    It was truly I who posted on your blog before. We search the blogs for feedback about our cafe and in your case give directions to find us.

    I am sorry we do not offer reservations since we are so small -only 20 chairs. If we are busy, we are happy to take your telephone number and call you when seats are available.

    Thank you for your kind words about our cafe and we all look foreward to your next visit.

    Sincerely, Chef Garrett, Owner, TARTINE Bakery & Cafe

  2. ^Looks like you have an "in" the next time you go to TARTINE.

    I had my very first Tim Tam a couple weeks ago and it was like heaven in my mouth! One request: please make a video of you and Jon Tim Tam Slamming! :D

  3. Did that just happen?!

    Too awesome.